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Halloween Safety and learning how to be safe here in Reno, NV appears on the surface to be easy and common sense. However, sometimes common sense is the least common trait we have. -Sensei Ryan

The Martial Arts in Reno, NV that we teach focuses on safety first. Kids need to be aware of their surroundings in order to be safe. Some people just think fighting when they think about the Martial Arts. Of course we teach kids in Reno to learn extremely effective techniques to protect themselves in all positions (standing, on the ground, we are on the ground while the bad guy is still standing, etc.), but this is just a part of our Martial Arts. More importantly, we focus on being able to avoid potentially dangerous or harmful situations.

Our unique form of Martial Arts focuses on detecting a potential threat and learning to avoid it. If children are unable to avoid the threat, then they learn to do whatever it takes deal with the threat and then run away and get to a safe place. Safety comes from being trained long before a problem ever arises.

We have to remember that when we are talking about kids, many times they are just thinking about the next big thing that they can run off to. They know the correct answer when it comes to safety, but they are so pumped up to get out there and have fun that many times they do not stop and think about what the right thing to do.

In response to this, we are adding 15 Halloween Safety Tips for parents to refer to and teach their children this “Spooky” Halloween season. Share this page with your friends and family, and lets keep everyone safe this Halloween!

Day #1: Day #2: Day #3:
Day 1: Reno, NV Halloween Safety Tip #1 Be safe in Reno, NV!  Halloween Safety is a must for Kids Safety for Kids is a Must in Reno, NV
Day #4: Day #5: Day #6:
Kids Martial Arts in Reno Focuses on Safety! Martial Arts Safety Tip #5 Trick or Treating Can Be Safe if you Communicate Where you are Going
Day #7: Day #8:
Be Careful What You Eat - Karate is About Eating Healthy Watch where you are walking on Halloween

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