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Tournament Information 2014

2014 Champion Martial Arts Olympics

Champion Martial Arts II is holding a 10 Event Mega Tournament! on Sat. Nov 22 @9:29am.

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FORMAT: 1) Continuous Sparring:  Best of Five (20 or 25 Second Rounds).  2) Grappling (Ground Work):  One Round (2.5 or 3 Minutes).  3) Battleship Sparring (Point Sparring): Lose Gear Pieces Until Battleship is Sunk (1.5 Minute Round) 4) Sword Sparring: First to 5 Points (1.5 Minute Round). 5)Most Punches in 30 Seconds (2 Tries). 6) Most Kicks in 30 Seconds (2 Tries). 7) Ninja Star Accuracy (Best of 5 Throws). 8) Longest Dive Rolls (3 Attempts). 9) Highest Dive Rolls (3 Attempts). 10) Memorized Form (Made up Sequence with Safe Weapon, Unarmed or Gymnastics)

RULES: Most standard Karate rules apply.  Continuous Point Sparring means the rounds do not stop.  Instead, judges tally up points in a continuous format until the end of the round.  Tournament is meant to Increase Fighting Experience. Therefore, light contact will be enforced. Links to video Rule Descriptions will be posted soon.

WHO CAN ATTEND: Anyone and Everyone! 6 of the events are non-sparring events, so this tournament is a great opportunity for students who do not like sparring or who do not know how to spar to attend and possibly win medals. Anyone Age 4+, White Belts and up are all invited!

TIME: PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY! Make sure you get signed up no later than Friday, November 21 at 6pm.  Rules for all fighters are at 9:29am.  Please arrive No Later Than 9:29am

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Head guards, Groin Guards (males), Hand guards, Foot Guards, Shin Guards and Mouth Pieces are MANDATORY for Kids and Adults – No Exceptions.  Chest Protectors are Required for Kids.  Face Shields are RECOMMENDED for all.  Note: Gear can be Rented on a Shared Basis for a Fee.

When: Saturday, November 22, 2013 (Arrive no later than 9:29am)

Where: Champion Martial Arts II, 16560 Wedge Parkway, Suite 200B, Reno, NV 89511

Fees: $21 for the first Three Events, $5 for Each Additional Event.  Spectators are Free

Awards: This tournament has many chances to win medals.  1st, 2nd and 3rd get Gold, Silver and Bronze.  Everyone gets an Official, Color Champion Martial Arts Olympics Certificate for participating.

Note:  All events are Single-Elimination

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