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Jujitsu, Ninjitsu, Martial Arts Classes at CMA Reno.com

Want A Website Like This One? Get One Here.

Websites that can be updated by anyone, anytime for only $299 +Free Blog

Do you need a website for your business, charity, event or program? Do you need it fast?  Do you want to be able to update it just like you update a Microsoft Word document? Do you want to be able to have your very own blog attached to your website that will encourage your users to come back to your website on a regular basis?  Do you want a local from Reno, Nevada to create the website for you?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are in the right place.  My name is Ryan and I live right here in Reno.  I am a martial arts instructor and a web designer.  I have been creating websites for about 10 years now.  I always did it the “hard” way.  I jumped right into the code and did the work myself.  This new strategy is much better.

The website you see here is just like what you will get.  I will create a full header image for you, add as many pages as you would like (as long as they fit on one line).  I can change the colors.  I will set up the front page, add some pictures to a couple of pages, make a full “Contact Us” page complete with a Mapquest Map or Google Map.

Best of all, I will devote One Full Hour of one-on-one time to show you how to update the website!

The website is so easy that even an adult can update it (joke), but you will be very appreciative of this private lesson time.

Don’t Delay!  Call today to have your very own business website like this one set up for you in a week or less!  Call Ryan at (775)745-4814


  1. A complete website that you or your staff can easily update
  2. Get it fast!  In a week or less.
  3. Your very own blog – keep your users up-to-date on your business happenings
  4. Full Header Design with your logo on it
  5. You choose what colors you want for the text, background, etc.
  6. Designed by a Local
  7. One full hour of private training time
  8. Update your site from any computer, anywhere in the world

Not a local?  Don’t worry.  I can create a website for you as well and provide you with the full one hour of Private Training Time.

Call Now to find out more.  Ryan – (775)745-4814

NOTE:  Charities and certain organizations/event organizers can qualify for a HALF OFF SPECIAL.  Just ask to see if you qualify.

The website that you see before you can be yours for between $299 and $599.  The extra cost comes into play when you want more graphics, more one-on-one time, Search Engine Optimization, etc.

I will build websites for out-of-town businesses and organizations as well.  Please call me for details.

Disclaimer: Website will be completed in one week after domain name is ready and all information including logos, text, etc. is received from the client.  Changes may take longer.  Domain and Hosting cost extra.  Client assumes all liability and responsibility once the website is transferred over and full payment has been made.  Updates and changes can be made to your website for a fee.

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