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Sensei Ryan is a Celebrity!

Haha! Just kidding. But here is the playlist for my YouTube Channel:
Sensei Ryan – “Skill Beats Talent”

Gregg A. – Best Student Award Recipient for Oct. 2010

Congratulations Gregg A.!  He is a wonderful student that is highly deserving of this great award.  Keep up the good work!

Jeff C. – Recipient of This Quarter’s Best Student Award

Congratulations Jeff!  You are this quarter’s “Outstanding Ninja!”  Your ability has improved dramatically, but more importantly, your attitude and excitement for learning is second to none!

Click Here to check out the award Jeff won.

A Truly Motivated Martial Artist

Does everyone possess passion and motivation?

This is a very common question that many people ask.  Put another way, many people say, “I am just not motivated.”  I ask you, “is this true?  Are there some people out there who are just inherently lazy?”  I can tell you this, for most of my life I have always felt that the answer was “Yes!  Some people are just lazy.”  However, I have come to a new conclusion.

In my studies of how to help guide individuals to become the absolute best person he or she can become, I have made some discoveries.  Obviously these are just discoveries to me, and they are not something that others do not already know.  What I have discovered is that motivation is not really what we think it is.  We look at someone who is motivated to be the extremely hard working individual who is the first to arrive in the morning, and who is the last to leave at night.  This is a motivated person.  However, what about the overweight kid who spends all day playing video games and eating snacks.  Is this young person not motivated as well?

A person I used to be associated with had a child who fit this exact description.  He was, by all definitions of the term, obese.  The boy was extremely gifted mentally, but he was not (by common definitions of the term) motivated.  He was lazy, and he stayed at home and played video games all day.  When he was outside of the house, all he would talk about was what was going on with his character in Halo.  My question to you is, “Is this young man motivated?”  I say that the answer is “yes.”  He is an extremely motivated person.  His life revolved around getting everything else around him finished as quickly as possible so he could get back to playing his video games.

Another example is a person in a burning building.  Do you think he or she would be slightly motivated to get out of the building as quickly as possible?  You bet he or she is.

Now that we have pretty much come to the conclusion that everyone is motivated, now how do we change or alter what it is that motivates them in ways that are more constructive.  Basically, how do we get people to give 110% to help out the team, business or family when it seems like nothing we do motivates them?  Well…That will have to be discussed in “A Truly Motivated Martial Artist Part 2.”

Sensei Ryan, Ninjitsu Instructor
Champion Martial Arts II
Reno, NV

We Have Moved!

That’s right.  We moved to the building behind where we used to be.  All current students will realize that it is super easy to find.

We are now inside the building right next to the Curves on Wedge Parkway.  We are still in the same professional center.  The name of the center is the “Wedge Parkway Professional Center,” and the address is 16560 Wedge Parkway Suite 200B, Reno, NV 89511.

Come in and check out our new location!

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