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Does Martial Arts Increase Confidence in Kids?

Are you wondering if the Martial Arts will increase the confidence level of kids? Especially those kids who are very shy and introverted.

Of course I could just give you my biased opinion based based on my 20+ years as a Martial Arts Sensei, but instead I would rather explore the issue and let you decide for yourself.

What is confidence really? And can you measure it? Do you know someone who, when they walk in the room changes the atmosphere? You can feel their power and strength.

I like to ask my students all of the time, “Who here thinks that I have a lot of confidence?” Of course we know what the answer is. Then I go on to ask them questions. “Why is it that I have confidence? Was I born with it? Was I trained? Was it engrained in me from constant repetition in order to create a new habit?” I would say that the latter is the most important, mixed with proper training.

You see, the positive traits (we are not interested in the negative ones) that successful, confident people have are almost universally the same. The reason you can “feel” the atmosphere change when someone enters the room is because of a few key traits that anyone can alter and improve on.

The most important trait is your physiology. Tony Robbins states that “by altering your body’s physiology, you can achieve an immediate change of your emotional state.” Another words, if you consistently alter your posture, facial expressions (Smile!), shoulder position, chest, etc. then you can successfully alter your mental state. We do this every class.

With a new and improved mental state, you will achieve a more positive outlook on life. This new positive outlook on life will give you more energy and excitement, and therefore increase your confidence. Please post your questions and comments below. Thank you.

Sensei Ryan

Self-Defense in Reno, NV Starts With You!

Reno, NV: Self-Defense Starts With You!

We hear it all of the time. Mugger steals the purse off of an innocent young woman. Grandma attacked when walking to her car a night. Three high school teens brutally attack one of their peers.

I am honored to have been able to work directly with thousands of families here in Reno, NV over the last 20 years+ that I have been teaching self-defense. Many people confide in me and tell me their most important secrets. I love this because it allows me to form better relationships with my adult martial arts students. However, I really get an up-close and personal look at the evil side of humans.

The Martial Arts, especially the practical, real-world form that we teach at Champion Martial Arts was created and revised to help adults and children alike improve themselves first. A person with low self-esteem and no confidence could know all of the self-defense techniques in the world and never be able to protect himself or herself. Not only that, this person would be a more likely target for a predator.

Let’s compare animals in the wild because, honestly, that’s what these evil predators really are; animals. Does a lion go out and attack the biggest, fastest, and strongest zebra? Or does he go for the easy target? The young one or the injured one.

Who you are inside is your number one defense against attackers.

If you are interested in learning more, or you would like to gets some hands on training, we will be hosting a few monthly seminars. The first is on Gun Defense, then Woman’s Self-Defense, and then Knife Defense. I’m always available to speak with you if you have more questions!

Sensei Ryan
5th Dan – Master
Reno, NV

The Way of the Little Ninja

At home, is there a way that a Little Ninja should act? What about at school? Does the Little Ninja show proper respect, discipline and an eagerness to become great? These answers will be discovered in the text to follow.

In ancient Japan, the working class citizens held one common characteristic; they were all fully dedicated to their trade or line of work. It was highly honorable to be considered a hard worker. If the man’s job was to make swords, then he would strive to be the best sword maker in the world. If the woman’s job was to gather rice from the field, tend to the garden and take care of the home, then she would be the best wife around. On the other hand, all citizens of this great society considered it to be dishonorable to be lazy and undisciplined.

American society today is slightly different from that of Ancient Japan. Some men tend to the home, while many women hold the high paying jobs. The focus, however, should not be any different. It doesn’t matter if a young lady wants to be a stay-at-home mom or a Big Business Owner; the way is always the same. The same holds true for men. The True Ninja strives to be the “Best” at whatever he or she chooses.

What about the Little Ninja? The Little Ninja has not yet made it into the harsh and unforgiving world we live in today. He or she is still in the learning phase; the growing phase. Does that mean that the Little Ninja has it easier than an adult Big Ninja? Is he or she allowed to take it easy and not care about the future? Of course the answer is no. The Little Ninja must work even harder than the Big Ninja do because the path to becoming a True Ninja is very long and difficult. Not everyone can become a True Ninja.

So what does it take to become a True Ninja? It takes hard work, dedication, respect for adults, discipline, honor and most importantly, persistence. Nothing is guaranteed in life. Everything a Little Ninja wants must be focused on and created. All Ninja create their own destiny. They get what they put into life.

Back to the first question, “Is there a way for a Little Ninja to act?” I think that we have proven that the answer is Yes. A Little Ninja that wants to become a True Ninja needs to always strive to become the best. Ninja are leaders. They don’t just follow and do whatever the crowd does. A Little Ninja also needs to be a great helper of everyone around. Whether this help is at home with parents, at school with teachers, or at Martial Arts class with the younger students. He or she will always do the right thing for the right reason.

Finally, a Little Ninja on the path to becoming a True Ninja will show proper respect for others (especially adults and people of authority), discipline and focus, and an eagerness to become great. A True Ninja does not do a mediocre job. He or she does not do a good job. The True Ninja does an outstanding job at whatever it is that he or she chooses to do. The Way of the Little Ninja starts and ends with the attitude that “No Matter What I Choose in Life, I Will Be the Best That I Can Be. I Will Strive to Become Great!” This laser focus is what transforms a Little Ninja into a True Ninja.

Sensei Ryan, Ninjitsu Instructor
Champion Martial Arts II
South Reno, NV

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