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Skylar B. Oct 2011

*Outstanding Ninja Award*

Best Student – Quarterly Winner – October 2011

Skylar B. - Best Student WinnerSkylar Bradfield

Full Green Belt

October 2011: Champion Martial Arts, UMAS, CMAReno.com and the USJJF would like to hereby recognize the stellar performance and outstanding abilities of Skylar Bradfield. This award was created to glorify the best students in our system. Hard work, dedication, loyalty, leadership, and a desire to exceed expectations are all key traits required to win this award.

Skylar has a true dedication to the Martial Arts. She is excited, enthusiastic, and very motivated to come to class and be a part of our team. She is always smiling and having a great time. The atmosphere is always much better whenever she is in class.

Skylar is the perfect example of the right type of attitude a young person needs in order to be a successful Martial Artist in our system. If someone needs help, Skylar is there to help them. If I need something done, she always volunteers to help out. Whenever I speak about the important life skills, especially character development, I often can just point new students to Skylar so they can see what they should strive to be like.

In school, she always pushes to be the best. Her straight-A report card earned her a Ninja Patch. I have never heard of anything bad every happening to her at school. She is an exemplary student. And even though she acts like siblings do sometimes, she is always there for her brother James.

Skylar is exactly what we want our green belts, purple belts, and brown belts to be like. Congratulations! You are this quarter’s Outstanding Ninja!

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