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Linda D. 2009

*Outstanding Ninja Award*

Best Student – Quarterly Winner – October 2009


Linda D.

Full Brown Belt

October 2009: Champion Martial Arts, UMAS, CMAReno.com and the USJJF would like to hereby recognize the stellar performance and outstanding leadership displayed by Linda D. She has displayed outstanding character qualities and a great desire to help others. This award was created to glorify the best students in our system. Hard work, dedication, loyalty, leadership, and a desire to exceed expectations are all key traits required to win this award.

For the last two years or so, Linda has been in an assumed leadership role. She shows up to class on time so she can lead exercises, punches and kicks, and rolls and falls. Often during the beginning of class Linda works directly with some of the newer students, and she properly shows them how to perform their techniques. Her ability in this area is so great that she has conducted complete tests with white and blue belt students who are ready to be promoted. The only question asked of her by her Sensei was, “Did he pass?” This is the kind of confidence Sensei Ryan has in Linda. She is truly an outstanding student.

Outside of Champion Martial Arts, Linda has her own design business called Danaher Design. Her entrepreneurial spirit and total perseverance have brought her great success in her life. Linda also holds key board member positions in different organizations related to her business. The accomplishments and successes Linda has made in her life speak for themselves, especially since she has been involved in an actual life or death situation. Rather than hiding and allowing the negative aspects of her life consume her, Linda confronted them head on and overcame the challenges she was presented with. She is now ready to take her black belt test, whereas most people would have given up. That is why Linda is this quarter’s “Outstanding Ninja!”

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