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Gregg A. Oct 2010

*Outstanding Ninja Award*

Best Student – Quarterly Winner – October 2010

Gregg A. - Best Student WinnerGregg Ahner

Second Green Belt

October 2010: Champion Martial Arts, UMAS, CMAReno.com and the USJJF would like to hereby recognize the stellar performance and outstanding abilities of Gregg Ahner. This award was created to glorify the best students in our system. Hard work, dedication, loyalty, leadership, and a desire to exceed expectations are all key traits required to win this award.

Gregg is that special type of student that really wants to be the best. He attends every class he has time for, he tries to attend all of our extracurricular activities, and he does private lessons on a regular basis. He gives his time and money to help make sure that Champion Martial Arts is the best martial arts dojo in the area.

During the summer camp, I was in great need. Sohdai was unable to help me for the entire camp, so Gregg stepped up and donated his time to make sure the 26 kids that attended were given the best instruction possible. Also, Gregg donated some very expensive Velcro that was used to fix our mats. These are just a few of the many things he has done for our team.

Overall, Gregg is one of the most outstanding students to ever wear a Champion Martial Arts uniform. He is a true leader and helper. He excels at everything he puts his mind to. Gregg wants his time spent in our dojo to be the best it possibly can. More importantly, he wants his three daughters and every other student to experience that great feeling as well. Gregg will be a Black Belt someday, and when that day comes, everyone will be better off. Congratulations Gregg!

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