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Abri C. 2009

*Outstanding Ninja Award*

Best Student – Quarterly Winner – April 2009

Abri Crocitto - Best Student WinnerAbri C.

Full Brown Belt

Champion Martial Arts, UMAS and the USJJF would like to hereby recognize the stellar performance and outstanding leadership displayed by Abri C. At almost eleven years old, Abri has proven herself worthy of being considered the first quarterly winner of the “Outstanding Ninja Award.” This award was created to glorify the best students in our system. Hard work, dedication, loyalty, leadership, and a desire to exceed expectations are all key traits required to win this award.

Abri displayed the character of a true Black Belt leader; first and foremost, by coming to class on days she was hurt. After sustaining a knee injury and an ankle injury in school, Abri still came to class with the knowing that she could not participate. She demonstrated her leadership abilities by coming on the mat and helping to lead the class. She attends classes even now with the knowing that she cannot fully participate in all activities.

Abri is a special kind of person. Her outside passion is playing the electric guitar and she works really hard in school. She is a kind and nurturing young lady with the ability to be a wonderful friend and a great role model for other students. She will be 11 years old on May 16, 2009.

Abri is a rare student with the desire to exceed the expectations of her Sensei and of the system. The Martial Arts are not about technique. They are not about ability. The true Martial Artist has the spirit within to rise above any challenge. To face adversity head on and strive to become the best person he or she can be. Abri has shown all of these traits in the past and the present. We do not need a crystal ball to know what the future holds for this fine young Martial Artist.

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