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Sensei Ryan is Picked Up By a Major Martial Arts Website!

Thank you so much to the amazing staff at AllAboutMartialArts.com!  They do amazing work and provide some of the highest quality content on this internet!  And what’s even better?  They like yours truly; Sensei Ryan!  I am so excited that they have decided to feature each one of my YouTube videos (Click Here) on their website. Sensei Ryan is Featured on Major Website

Sensei Ryan Speaks Out

It is such an honor!  Thank you so much AllAboutMartialArts.com. Click Here to read all of their blog posts for each of my videos!

Sincerely, Sensei Ryan

Sensei Ryan is a Celebrity!

Haha! Just kidding. But here is the playlist for my YouTube Channel:
Sensei Ryan – “Skill Beats Talent”

How does Martial Arts Help Kids? Here are 5 Ways.

Often we are asked how the Martial Arts helps kids. Parents are very focused on the success of their children, and they want to make the right decision. Look no further.  Here are 5 reasons that we, at Champion Martial Arts in Reno implement on a daily basis.  And we are not alone.  Thousands of (traditional) Martial Arts Schools around the country and the world implement these same principles:

1. Respect is Required at All Times: I agree that we want to try and be friends with our kids.  However, it is so important that children of all ages learn what is appropriate at different times.  We require all students to use the formal terms such as “Sensei” when referring to our Head Instructor and “Instructor” when referring to each of our instructors.  Answers must be given in the form “Yes Sensei Ryan” or “No Sensei Ryan.” We do not allow students to use basic, informal terms such as Yeah, Ok and Sure.  This filters over when we are speaking about how students are required to speak with their parents.  The correct answer is “Yes Mom, Yes Dad (or Yes Sir)”, etc.  This requirement places a strong emphasis on the fact that our parents, teachers and people of authority must always be respected, and we must be kind, courteous and attentive to what they are asking of us.

2. Discipline is Also a Major Requirement: Standing at attention with your feet together and your hands on your side is not just for the military. Sitting in a circle in seiza (on your knees) with your hands on your thighs forces everyone to focus on the task at hand. We do not allow children to chew on their uniforms (GIs), play with their belts (OBIs) or look off into outer space. We ask the kids to stand at attention and they snap to attention. Being more formal instructs juniors on the importance of authority and discipline.

3. The Power Talks we Give Every Class are What You Want Your Children to Learn: Everyone is busy.  Many times parents are concerned about whether or not the public school system is teaching their children the values that are really necessary for future growth. We get right to the core of the issue.  We ask ourselves, “What is an absolute necessity for success in all areas of life?”  Those are the topics we concentrate on every single class.

4. The Martial Arts Increases Focus and Listening Skills: With an emphasis on using important teaching methods such as focus anchors and discipline tactics, children have no other choice but to learn to become better at focusing.  There is only one guaranteed way to increase focus, and that is to actively focus on focusing.  Every day. We do that is so many different ways. We make eye contact with them and they do it right back to us proving that they are understanding the point that we are making.

5. Fun and Rapport Create Buy-In with the Kids: Our students respect us.  They look up to us as instructors, leaders, and role models.  We try our best to live the life that we are teaching our students. And most importantly, we make our classes the most fun thing around! This is a full-time focus for us. Every student matters and every family is our number 1 priority.  We have a sincere caring for all of our students, and they can see it.  This feeling they have gets reciprocated and that rapport combined with an amazingly fun environment causes our students to truly buy-in to our teachings.  They really want to become the greater versions of themselves.  It is truly magical.


Sensei Ryan is a 5th Degree Black Belt who has been instructing and helping with kid’s classes for over 20 years.

Does Martial Arts Increase Confidence in Kids?

Are you wondering if the Martial Arts will increase the confidence level of kids? Especially those kids who are very shy and introverted.

Of course I could just give you my biased opinion based based on my 20+ years as a Martial Arts Sensei, but instead I would rather explore the issue and let you decide for yourself.

What is confidence really? And can you measure it? Do you know someone who, when they walk in the room changes the atmosphere? You can feel their power and strength.

I like to ask my students all of the time, “Who here thinks that I have a lot of confidence?” Of course we know what the answer is. Then I go on to ask them questions. “Why is it that I have confidence? Was I born with it? Was I trained? Was it engrained in me from constant repetition in order to create a new habit?” I would say that the latter is the most important, mixed with proper training.

You see, the positive traits (we are not interested in the negative ones) that successful, confident people have are almost universally the same. The reason you can “feel” the atmosphere change when someone enters the room is because of a few key traits that anyone can alter and improve on.

The most important trait is your physiology. Tony Robbins states that “by altering your body’s physiology, you can achieve an immediate change of your emotional state.” Another words, if you consistently alter your posture, facial expressions (Smile!), shoulder position, chest, etc. then you can successfully alter your mental state. We do this every class.

With a new and improved mental state, you will achieve a more positive outlook on life. This new positive outlook on life will give you more energy and excitement, and therefore increase your confidence. Please post your questions and comments below. Thank you.

Sensei Ryan

Self-Defense in Reno, NV Starts With You!

Reno, NV: Self-Defense Starts With You!

We hear it all of the time. Mugger steals the purse off of an innocent young woman. Grandma attacked when walking to her car a night. Three high school teens brutally attack one of their peers.

I am honored to have been able to work directly with thousands of families here in Reno, NV over the last 20 years+ that I have been teaching self-defense. Many people confide in me and tell me their most important secrets. I love this because it allows me to form better relationships with my adult martial arts students. However, I really get an up-close and personal look at the evil side of humans.

The Martial Arts, especially the practical, real-world form that we teach at Champion Martial Arts was created and revised to help adults and children alike improve themselves first. A person with low self-esteem and no confidence could know all of the self-defense techniques in the world and never be able to protect himself or herself. Not only that, this person would be a more likely target for a predator.

Let’s compare animals in the wild because, honestly, that’s what these evil predators really are; animals. Does a lion go out and attack the biggest, fastest, and strongest zebra? Or does he go for the easy target? The young one or the injured one.

Who you are inside is your number one defense against attackers.

If you are interested in learning more, or you would like to gets some hands on training, we will be hosting a few monthly seminars. The first is on Gun Defense, then Woman’s Self-Defense, and then Knife Defense. I’m always available to speak with you if you have more questions!

Sensei Ryan
5th Dan – Master
Reno, NV

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