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Jujitsu, Ninjitsu, Martial Arts Classes at CMA Reno.com

About Us

Founded by Sensei J. Ryan Cary in June of 2005, Champion Martial Arts II is our second location.  It is located in Reno, Nevada at the far end of town near Mount Rose Highway.  Our original location, Champion Martial Arts I was founded by Professor Cary and has been known by several different names over its 46 years in business.

At Champion Martial Arts, we teach a unique style that was adapted by our Grand Master: Professor LL Cary.  Professor Cary has a high ranking black belt in the arts of Aikido, Judo, Jujitsu, Ninjitsu and Taijitsu.  Over the years, he has combined the best aspects of all five of these arts to create the Martial Art that we teach today.  Therefore, we cannot directly compare ourselves to a Traditional Jujitsu school because our art is much more than just Jujitsu.

Champion Martial Arts II specializes in 2 key areas.  The first area we concentrate on is our kids.  The kid’s classes focus on improving teamwork, discipline, focus, concentration, health and leadership abilities.  We spend a lot of time helping our kids improve themselves as a total person: at home, at school, and in Jujitsu class.  Our second area of specialization is with adults.  Our adult’s class centers around safety and self-development.  It is so important that all members are able to go to work the next day.  However, adult members must also improve their flexibility, health (get in shape), ability, confidence, and overall awareness.

The martial arts we teach is not about how many people we can run through the door.  We are not a traditional gym that tries to sign you up on a 3 year contract and hope you never show up.  Our payment system is extremely competitive, we do business on a month-to-month basis, and we offer upgrade programs for our most elite students.

Age is not an issue for most students because of the way we teach our system.  For kids, we can handle most kids at 4 years old, and even 3.5 year old kids under certain circumstances.  For our older student base, if a student has a concern and vocalizes it to his or her instructor, then our instructors will go to great lengths to accommodate the students specific situation.  We know that you have to go to work tomorrow.  Whatever concern a student may have is a concern of ours.

We offer a few benefits to our juniors.  In the summer months, we offer special events such as our Summer Camp.  This event is loved by all students, and this year it will be even better.  We don’t just teach the martial arts during this event.  Instead, we really reach out and try to broaden the horizon of our students and stretch their imaginations.  This year we will construct an actual obstacle course that even our adult students can attempt.  We have a camp in the winter as well.  The use of camps really keeps the students engaged and focused.

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