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Tournament and Summer Camp Info

Tournament Information:

The tournament is getting close now.  I have had a pretty good response considering all of the vacations, etc.  It looks like there should be about 15-20 junior competitors and 10-15 adult fighters.  Of course we would like to have many more than this so we can match them better, but this is still a good amount to run a tournament with.  The positive thing for the fighters is that everyone has a very good change of getting First, Second or Third in their division.  This means that they will get one of the nice gold, silver or bronze medals.

Rule Changes: Just so everyone knows, the kids sparring rounds will be 30 seconds long; whereas, the adult rounds will be 40 seconds long.  In Grappling, mouth pieces are MANDATORY.  Also, the kid’s rounds will be 3:30 long.  Adult’s will fight for 5 minutes.

Summer Camp Information:

The 4-Day Summer Camp is now scheduled and kids who attend that are not a member of Champion Martial Arts get $25 off.  The current student that is recommending the new student will get $30 off his or her Summer Camp fee.  Think of all of your friends that you want to invite, and save your parents some money.

The camp will be 18.5 hours long this year, which is 2.5 hours longer than last year.  The extra 30 minutes per day (1 hour on the last day) will help us fit in all of the extras we missed out on last year.  Plus, this will give students more time to run the obstacle course.  Speaking of obstacle course, this thing is going to be completely AWESOME!  Some helpers and I are building a fully Custom “Ultimate Obstacle Course” that will represent real obstacles. It will be setup so it is completely safe, but more awesome than any other obstacle course ever utilized in Champion Martial Arts.  Last year’s “Ultimate Obstacle Course” will be considered junk compared to this year’s one!

June 27, 2009 Point Karate Tournament – Reno, NV + Rule Change

I posted the link to the tournament information sheet on this website on the homepage.  However, if you have not seen it, you can view all of the Tournament Information Here.

At Champion Martial Arts in Reno, NV, we practice Jujitsu and Ninjitsu rather than Karate.  However, most tournaments are Karate Tournaments.  The only problem that I see with these competitions is that they are usually over too fast and do not have time to develop.

When we host a Sport Jujitsu Tournament, the rules are completely different.  Fighters punch, kick, do throws, takedowns and ground work to include submissions.  These tournaments are a great amount of fun, but it is a little difficult to get competitors to attend them.  That is why I chose to run a Karate Point Fighting Competition instead of Sport Jujitsu.

I like to call my Tournament a Hybrid of the two though.  I want to keep the scoring very close to standard Karate Tournaments; basing it on a “Best of 5 Rounds” setting.  However, I like a more realistic type of fighting that includes punches and kicks that can easily be countered.  Meaning, if I punch you and you punch me, then we both get a point.  It is not based on who was faster.  That is why I chose short rounds that have the points counted at the end of each round.  This way a fighter who stops after getting just one point could very well lose if the other fighter attacks and scores multiple points right after that.

NOTE — RULE CHANGE: I just ran a mock tournament at my school and I have decided that I will shorten the rounds for Kids only to 30 seconds instead of 40 seconds.  The adult divisions will remain at 40 seconds each.  The reason is because 40 seconds seems to be a very long time when you are talking about having up to 5 rounds.

Reno, NV Competition — Continuous Karate Point Fighting  — Champion Martial Arts —  600 S. Rock Blvd, Reno, NV 89502

Please call me with any questions:  Sensei Ryan, (775)745-4814

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