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Best Student Award Winner – Abri Crocitto

I just implemented the new “Outstanding Ninja Award – Best Student” program.  The purpose of this program is to recognize the best Martial Arts students on a quarterly and yearly basis.  Quarterly winners get their picture up on the wall for the entire quarter.  Yearly winners get free prizes, bonuses and their picture on the Front Page of our Website.  All winners of this Martial Arts award get their picture with explanation listed on the “Best Student” page of the Champion Martial Arts website.

This quarter, the winner is:  ABRI CROCITTO! Click Here to Read Her Full Award.

Abri has been with Champion Martial Arts for so long.  She does such a wonderful job.  No matter what happens with her, she always comes to class and she works extremely hard.  Abri completely deserves to be considered the First Ever Outstanding Ninja!

Congratulations Abri!  Your award is well deserved.

Sensei Ryan
Champion Martial Arts II
Reno, NV

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